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Main product series: copper plate, copper tube, copper coil, copper strip, copper wire. The annual output exceeds 30,000 tons.

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Our copper products showcase our expertise in producing high-quality materials with diverse options, fast delivery times, and excellent customer service, backed by a strong reputation in the industry.

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Copper Sheets showcasing
The Benefits of Utilizing Scrap Copper
Copper Tape Finds New Applications in Electronics and Energy Industries
"Copper Tape: A Versatile Material Finding New Applications in Electronics, Energy, and Medical Industries"
Copper Tape Emerges as a Sustainable Solution for Electronics and Renewable Energy Industries
Copper Pipe Case Study: How a Small Change Can Make a Big Difference
Copper Pipe Installation Helps Improve Water Quality in a Rural Community

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Our company news highlights our latest developments in the copper material industry, showcasing our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products and services while maintaining a competitive edge in the market. Stay tuned for more updates.

Copper Sheets showcasing
Copper Sheets showcasing: The Versatile and Durable Solution for Various Applications Copper sheets have...
The Benefits of Utilizing Scrap Copper
The Benefits of Utilizing Scrap Copper Copper is a valuable resource that is widely used in various industries...

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Zhongwu Steel Group Expands into Copper Industry
Zhongwu Steel Group Partners with Leading Copper Companies
Zhongwu Steel Group Launches Green Copper Initiative

Why choose us

Choose our company for high-quality copper materials, diverse product selection, fast delivery, competitive prices, excellent customer service, and a strong brand reputation in the industry.

High-quality products:

Our copper materials are produced and inspected through rigorous procedures to ensure that every customer receives high-quality products.

Diverse product selection

We offer a variety of types and specifications of copper materials, including plates, rods, pipes, etc., to meet the needs of different customers.

Fast delivery time

Our production and delivery times are very fast, usually shipping within 48 hours after confirming an order, to ensure that customers can receive the desired products in a timely manner.

Competitive prices

We offer reasonable prices to make our products competitive in the market.

Excellent customer service

We have a professional customer service team that can provide timely support and assistance to ensure that customers can receive satisfactory service at all times

Brand reputation

We have a good reputation in the copper material industry, and our customers include some large domestic and international companies.

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